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Consumer Services Resource Center

Deregulation of telecommunications and utilities industries has created competition amongst telephone, electric and natural gas companies and this benefits the consumer - lower prices! Consumers can take advantage of lower prices without the compromise of quality service. To benefit from the great prices visit the links on the left or the current offers links below.
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What's Deregulation?

Deregulation is the process of changing the laws and regulations that control the electric and gas industries to allow competition and customer choice of energy supply. This is also known as Restructuring.

In the past, electric and gas utilities were tightly regulated by state laws. You could buy power only from your local utility and only at the price set by the state's Public Service Commission (PSC). Now a number of states have changed the laws and regulations that govern the electric and gas industries. These changes are part of deregulation. This doesn't mean there will be no regulation. It means competition and customer choice will occur on the electric and gas supply side of the industries. With deregulation, a number of energy suppliers will be allowed to compete for your business.

What's New?

Increased competition will bring you more pricing and service options. Your bills will show more details about each aspect of your electric and natural gas services.
What Stays the Same?

Your power lines and service connections will remain the same, and your current electric and gas companies will continue to maintain them. Your current electric and gas companies will continue to deliver electricity and gas safely and reliably to your home or business through the local distribution network.
Benefits of Competition.

Customer choice benefits customers and suppliers alike. It gives customers the opportunity to shop for electric and gas supplies from among a number of competing companies. By comparing the different rates and offers available, you can choose the electricity and natural gas supplier that's best for you.

Customer choice benefits suppliers because it allows them to compete in a retail electric and natural gas markets previously limited to utilities. In addition, it gives suppliers an opportunity to market new products, services, and even sources of energy. And these new products and services can benefit customers.

Consumer Protection.

In preparing for electric and gas customer choice, your state's Public Service Commission (PSC), your state's utilities, other energy providers, and consumer groups created methods to protect consumers against fraud and ensure that low-income customers receive reliable, affordable electricity and natural gas.

Two illegal sales practices are "slamming" and "cramming". Slamming is switching a customer's energy supply service without the customer's authorization. Cramming is adding charges to a customer's monthly bill for services that the customer did not authorize.

If you suspect you are a victim of either of these practices, please contact your state's PSC.

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